A Detailed Guide on How to Sight in a Rifle Scope


Are you looking for useful tips on how to sight in a rifle scope? If yes, then continue reading the blog as we have discussed some of the useful tips that will help you shoot with long-range aims without making a mistake. If you have just started learning how to sight in a rifle scope, then don’t worry as we have listed a few factors that will help you in getting adequate knowledge. By following the basic factors, the shooter will learn technical skills and concepts. In this blog, we will discuss some of the important factors that you should bear in mind.

It is important that you understand the technical knowledge to sight in a rifle scope. It is also suggested to keep your safety a priority while learning the skills. Below we have discussed a few important tips to sight in a rifle scope:

  • Install The Scope Correctly

The rifle scope should be installed correctly as you will find many rifles well-equipped with a mounting. You will notice that the scope mount comes in a wide range of options so make sure that the scope rings and mounts are installed correctly. The scope rings and mounts should be the right fit to your rifle. Make a note of the fact that some variants of the scope ring will fit correctly on some scope bases make sure that both the components are in sync.

  • Make The Adjustment to The Eye Distance

It is suggested that you make the correct adjustment to the eye distance. You need to make certain that your eyepiece should be located in such a manner that you see a distinct visual. Make a note of the fact that you should tune fine and make the right amount of eye relief. You should keep the distance between your eye and the end of the scope perfectly. It is highly advisable that you keep a safe distance between the scope and your eye to avoid any severe injuries.

Sighting In a Rifle Scope

  • Keep a Stable Shooting Position

It is suggested that you keep a stable shooting position as it will ensure that you get a proper vision to your rifle’s scope. You can also opt for a bipod or shooting bench to choose the position of your rifle. Whatever the method you go for will definitely help you achieve the result. Most of you already know that a rifle mount can eradicate the recoil significantly. You will find an array of variants available in the market that are designed for scope sighting.

  • Align The Reticle

Many shooters make the common mistake of not aligning the reticle when they zero their scope. Incorrect alignment of the reticle can cause the shooter to miss the shots. While using the scope, when the crosshair is not correctly aligned, then there is a high possibility that the shooter will miss the aim.

  • Keep Making The Adjustments

Make sure that you keep making the adjustments as trying various distances and repeating it till you get consistent shots is the correct way. Once you ace the skill, then it is recommended that you master the shooting skills at a longer distance.

The above are some of the useful tips on sighting in a rifle scope. Make sure that you consider the tips as it will help you shoot at a longer distance without making the common mistakes. It is important to learn the technical skills and follow the basic guidelines to enhance your shooting skills. By following the important factors and taking them into consideration while sighting in a rifle scope will surely help you ace your shooting game without missing a single aim.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the important tips that will help you make sighting in a rifle scope correctly. It is suggested to follow the tips and make certain that you consider the tips as it will help you ace your shooting skills.


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